Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

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Location: Adventureland, between the Jungle Cruise and the Swiss Family Treehouse
Year Opened: 1995
Crowds: Still a blockbuster attraction, though lines aren't nearly as bad as they used to be. Ride early, during parades or Fantasmic, or right before closing for the shortest wait.
Description: Board a troop transport to enter a ancient temple in search of youth, wealth, or visions of the future. When things go awry, you'll have the time of your life trying to get out!
Fun tip: Play around while waiting in line; In the room with the spikes, find the bamboo pole on the left side towards the end of the room. Grab it at the "bend" and give it a hard tug towards the opposite wall. If people start screaming, you've done well.

Jeff's Review: hathathathathat
Hasn't lost it! A totally different experience than anything you've ever been on before! From the queue which keeps you from being bored, to the amazing ride system and striking visuals, Indy is a winner!

Left: A look at the temple from the front
Right: From the temple, looking back out towards Adventureland

Above: Two Imagineering drawings of the ride

Above: Two areas you'll see in line, including the spike room (see my tip above)

Left: Watch out for this little critter!
Right: Can Indy save the day in the stunning climax?

Left: Well, you survived the ride, but Indy looks a little shaken up.
Right: The decoder cards/AT&T advertisements they used to pass out, so you can decode what's on the walls!

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