DL Trip Report
August 8, 1998

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On this crowded Saturday, my friend and I took the last trip before my annual pass expires. I now live in the Bay Area, so coming down often isn't easy anymore. Like before, this trip won't necessarily be told in any order.

Tomorrowland Revisited

The first place we headed was Honey I Shrunk the Audience, where we got perfect seats right in the middle. Still a good show, and as usual the crowd really got into it. The Space Mountain line was a little long at the time, so we head over to Innoventions for a bit. Before that, some other thoughts:

Tomorrowland is falling apart! The Observatron was dead all day, and not even lit up at night. Why they could get the Rocket Jets to run for over 30 years but not this is beyond me. Space Mountain's queue was a disaster. Paint peeling, mis-matched touch up paint. It was awful. I used to never see these kind of things... sadly they are more and more common nowadays.

The Rocket Rods were still down, obviously. A survey CM at the entrance repeated several times that "it's not Disneyland's fault [that they were down]" and that they were sent back to the manufacturer to get their axels replaced. Another CM told us of other problems he had heard about besides the axels: daily tire replacement, overheating, and even that the track between Space Moutain and Innoventions was starting to sag (I'm taking that one with a grain of salt).

: Every trip, I seem to have to take this picture.


Innoventions stands in the old Carousel of Progress/America Sings building. It looks great, from both the outside and the inside as well. We waited about 10 minutes and got into the transportation zone. Tom Morrow (the animatronic) was amazing... just like the Timekeeper at WDW. His movements were very fluid!

Above: A slightly blurry photo of the incredible Tom Morrow.

After listening to Tom, a CM by a futuristic GM car starting talking to us. His skit was pretty dumb, and most people (myself included) lost interest and walked away. Everything on the bottom floor is Compaq. Lots of nice flat-panel LCD screens, too. But everything there was plain old software you could get at CompUSA. My friend enjoyed checking his e-mail from the Internet section. We then moved upstairs, where there are GM, Kaiser, SAP, AT&T, and Honeywell exhibits. The GM exhibit was probably the most entertaining, with "General Sparky Motors" keeping you busy in line. Too bad the "VR ride" was so bad. And what's with those seats?

Left: General Sparky Motors, the entertaining animatronic.
Right: This cabling near the entrance to the GM ride didn't get this way by accident.

The newly reopening SAP exhibit has some kind of thing on communications. You pick up round discs and read the information on them. Well, I think so. We didn't stay around to wait for the next show to start. The AT&T and Honeywell exhibits weren't too exciting, the Kaiser one being a little better. I wasn't offended by the pregnant women exhibit, either. Oh, and most of the exhibits up here were out of order.

Top Left: My former boss, Dr. Sally Ride, appears on a video screen at the AT&T exhibit.
Top Right: The Tree of Knowledge is made up of old computer parts. It looks pretty cool but it wasn't there for anything else but appearance as far as I could tell.
Lower Right: The famous and controversial sonogram area in the Kaiser section.

One of the best things about Innoventions (besides the animatronics and the great air conditioning) is the view from the 2nd floor balcony. We actually came back at night to watch the fireworks from here, and it's a pretty nice place for that as well.

The Subs

I hadn't been on the subs in ages. And now that they have their "death certificate" it was time to return. The line took over 30 minutes (longer line than usual, no doubt due to its closing). Once on board, the captain reminded his passengers of the Labor Day closing date. The ride was enjoyable, much more so than I remembered. I certainly hope this area doesn't become a food court rather than the proposed Atlantis attraction.

Above: The sub lagoon.. how long will it be empty come Labor Day?

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