Grizzly River Run

Location: In the Grizzly Peak Recreation Area, just look for the huge mountain.
Year Opened: 2001
Crowds: Big!
Description: An exciting whitewater rafting adventure with two spinning drops!

Jeff's Review: hathathathathalf hat
Not the #1 raft ride in my book (that goes to Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges at Islands of Adventure), but darn close. A bit too short and not too soaking.

1680 x 2163

2240 x 1680
Folks board the 8 passenger rafts (which are a bit tight). And up the lift they go...

1419 x 1821

1680 x 2240
And down they come, on the final spinning drop! Look out for those geysers!


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