Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Location: From the hub, head to the left.
Year Opened: 2001
Crowds: Everythings crowded now, but it's not horrible.
Description: This section is a dead ringer for Disney/MGM Studios. There aren't too many attractions here but there are lots of shops and places to eat. This is the only area of the park with just one way in and out.

2133 x 1587

2240 x 1680
The entrance to the area. And a look down the street. Substitute the Chinese Theater for the sky at the end and it would be Disney/MGM Studios.

2240 x 1680

2133 x 1677
A store in the backlot. Hot dogs and sausages are sold at Award Wieners.

1680 x 2240

2240 x 1515
This place sells things "inspired by Disney animation". Two places to eat.


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