California Screamin'

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Location: All the way in the back of the park, against Disneyland Drive.
Year Opened: 2001
Crowds: Though it's a capacity machine, lines are very long.
Description: Great launch, long ride, a loop, and even some airtime! Cool funhouse-style soundtrack to boot!
Jeff's Review: hathathathathalf hat

2240 x 1680

1978 x 1608
Part of the coaster can be seen in this shot. Here's the launch area from the front.

2240 x 1680

2240 x 1680
And off they go! Up the hill! The coaster goes through the loop.

1482 x 2085

2240 x 1296
The sign looks extra cool at night. A lovely night shot.

2113 x 1689
The wide view across the lake at night.

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