Sunshine Plaza

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Location: The entry and "hub" area of DCA
Year Opened: 2001
Crowds: N/A
Description: An impressive entry to DCA, with the Golden Gate Bridge, nice looking shops and snack spots, and the "sun" icon.
Jeff's Review: N/A

2240 x 1680

2240 x 1680
Looking back at the Golden Gate Bridge towards Disneyland, with monorail. Looking towards the "hub" at dusk.

2240 x 1680

2240 x 1680
One of the stores just beyond the bridge, at dusk. And the toy store which is on the opposite side.

2240 x 1680

1680 x 2240
The sun is the icon of DCA. Here's a side view with the "wave" below it.

2130 x 1404

2240 x 1680
The very cool Streamliner train, which houses shops and food. The back-end of the train.


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