Splash Mountain

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Location: Critter Country
Year Opened: 1988
Crowds: Heavy. Ride right away, during parades/Fantasmic, or at closing.
Description: A state-of-the-art water flume ride, with singing and dancing animatronics and an unforgettable 52 foot drop at the end.
Fun Tip: Ride during the first Fantasmic (get in line before it starts) and when you come off, you'll be ready to watch the second show!

Jeff's Review: hathathathathat
One of the very best rides on the planet. Lots more drops than the one you see up front, too. I love the music, I love the drops, in fact, I love everything about it except the lines. An absolute must-see (and you'll want to if it's hot!). A masterpiece.

Above: A nice, distant shot of Splash Mountain from June 98.

Above: Two more shots from Feb 98


Left: Splash Mountain is splash-less during it's repair downtime.
Right: And very splashy when it's not!

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