Downtown Disney

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Location: The area between Disneyland, California Adventure, and the Disneyland Hotel.
Year Opened: 2001
Description: An outdoor shopping/dining/entertainment center, similar to the one in Florida (but smaller) as well as Universal's CityWalk.

2240 x 1680

2240 x 1680
I forget what this is going to be when it opens. Arriba Arriba!

2240 x 1680

1971 x 1506
A dancing fountain with the House of Blues in the background. Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

2163 x 1557

2240 x 1410
The ubiquitous Rainforest Cafe. ESPNzone

2040 x 1566

2240 x 1680
Monorail Purple heads into the DTD station. The World of Disney has everything you could ever dream of.

1680 x 2240
Another fountain, with the now disguised Indy show building in the background.

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