DL Trip Report
February 28, 1998

All photos were taken on an Olympus D-600L digital camera, at a resolution of 1280x1024 in SHQ mode. This makes these photos the highest resolution and largest size (in more way than one) on the Web!
The large pictures are quite large, but you'll find them to be worth the download in many cases. A few were downsized, and some were edited in Photoshop as well. But they're pretty raw, overall. Note that the large photos are upwards of 300k! But they are well worth the download. I'll put a to the lower-left of photos I think are first rate.

You can click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures!

First Stop: Main Street

Everybody on earth takes the photo on the left. Well, I finally decided to join the club ;-) Since this beast is 1280x1024, it will make a nice desktop picture for my computer.
Everybody on the newsgroup is talking about the new roof on the Fantasyland Theater, seen on the right. From this picture, taken right past the "island" in town square (right where the Christmas Tree usually sits), you can easily see this eyesore. Once you get closer to the hub, it disappears. I didn't make it to Fantasyland to look at it up close.

Next Stop: Where else, but Tomorrowland!?

On the left, we see the Astro Orbitor, which, while finished, was not open. It really looks superb.. the design is amazing.. TL is really coming together nicely! Space Mountain, as we know, is getting repainted kind of a copper color (green/bronze). The color you see on the right is actually the primer color.. so it's not the finished product! Sorry I couldn't get a better view.. this shot was sort of an aftershot on the way out...

The spire at Star Tours, shown on the left, looks amazing. The color scheme is definitely beautiful.. hats off to WDI again... (speaking of WDI, did I mention that I need a job after graduation?). If you walk past the entrance (they were using the overflow room today), you can see this new mural on the other side.. again, extremely cool. Anybody know what the script is about? It seems like some kind of navigational chart almost...


You want Rocket Rods? I've got'em! Well, sort of. It seems that these little screaming monsters are very hard to photograph, especially while they're moving (trust me on this one, I tried MANY times). So, why not nab them when they're not?
On the top left, you can see three Rocket Rods lined up at the loading platform.. note the three different colors.. the first one is kind of a dark blue, the second a maroon, the third a teal. There was also a red one. They were testing 5 in all, sending them off 3 at a time. We're very excited about the Rods, and we kept hoping they'd let us go for a spin. No such luck. Note the little antenna on the back -- looks like a cellular antenna kind of. I suppose its how each Rod keeps in contact with a main computer so we don't pull any Test Track's ;-)
On the top right, you can see two of the Rods, as well as the Observatron (see also bottom right). It seems like they repainted the arms of the thing, and maybe added those smaller dishes in between the big ones. I could be wrong.
On the bottom, you can see a silhouette of a rocket rod, which was parked, right before it enters Star Tours. While you can't see much, you can still get a good idea for its size. They really look amazing.. we noticed a few others things: There are seat belts, and no lap bars. This is good. I also noticed (having seen the prototype rod many times before) that WDI really got the noise down. However, if they have 28 of these running at once, it will be quite a noise. Imagine a tomcat singing on your fence one right-- add in the doppler effect as it goes by, and you've got the sound of the RR XPR. Still, I'm first in line when it opens.

On the left, you can see a shot I took by sticking my camera through a hole in the construction fence. To the left of the photo, is the future home of Redd Rocket's Pizza Port, which sounds like a pretty cool (though most likely expensive) restaurant. To the right a bit is the new Space Mountain sign. And, to the right of that, you can see the 'ball' that is the center of Cosmic Waves, a new interactive fountain. Not in the picture, but to the right some more is the Imagination Institute, home of Honey I Shrunk the Audience, a 3D movie that you'll be sure to love. While it wasn't open yet, I have seen it in Florida and loved it.
If you choose not to eat at Redd Rocket's, you can always munch of some fresh veggies growing in the planters! You can see a variety of leafy greens on the right photo. (I don't think you're supposed to eat them, of course.)

To the left, you can see the new Autopia sign. Once again, WDI gets my enthusiastic thumbs up-- it looks super cool! Very retro. On the right, you can see the new train station, which looks nice too.


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