Main Street USA

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Location: Right at the entrance of Disneyland!
Year Opened: 1955
Crowds: Fairly crowded around opening, parades, and closing.
Description: Walk through turn of the century America! Here you can shop, watch parades, and eat!
Fun Tip: Check out the Pianist at Coke Corner (Rod Miller is great) or the Swing Dancing at Plaza Gardens (?) in the hub!

Left: Quite possibly, one of the most photographed spots in the world.
Right: Main Street, but this time, with a big ugly tent jutting out! (Thanks, Paul!)

Above: A tale of two days. On the left is a day on which you'll wait in line forever. On the right is a very good day ;-)


Left: Main Street at dusk in April 1998.
Above: Pretty trippy, eh?

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