DL Trip Report
May 22, 1998
New Tomorrowland Opening Day!

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I love the look of the Moonliner. Having never seen the real thing, I was very excited to finally get up close. I was a bit disappointed with the Coke machine though. I was expecting something really elaborate, with steam coming out, and the bottle really firing out of there. Instead, the CM had to load it first, then it just sort of popped out. I presume budget cuts got to this one too.

Left: The Moonliner, with the Coke banner reading "Delivering Refreshment to a Thirsty Galaxy"
Right: A more distant shot showing the area. Incidentally, the Chicken Fusilli at the pictured Pizza Port was quite tasty, though a bit pricey.


While still not open, nor turning, Innoventions looks great. Looks like the place with all the sponsors is the best looking one. The sign is very cool, I must say. There were members of the media all over this place, on the second floor, and out in front on the first.

Left: The sign, close up. Very cool. The clock moves, too.
Right: A distant shot of Innoventions.


It appears that this too fell victim to budget cuts. If you've ever seen the original WDI concept art (seen here on The Happiest Page on Earth), you would be surprised to see how it turned out. The music rarely worked, the movements were slow, and the lasers are non-existant, replace with just plain old lights. I've heard that the music is good, but I never really heard it.

Above: The Observatron in two different positions.

Everything Else

Before I go on, a few other notes. Everything seemed to go down today ("101"). We were stuck on the Matterhorn twice, in two different places, on the same ride. First, it broke while we were waiting to go up the lift hill, right at the bottom. When they fixed it finally (false alarm fire?), we were the first to go, and sure enough, at "zone 11", we got stopped on the brakes. We waited until they come and let us free. The Rocket Rods broke, as I mentioned, and the rolling ball on Indy was malfunctioning. Space Mountain also went 101.

Top Left: I can't figure out what this is supposed to be, but it's on the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage.
Top Right: I'm not going to win any awards on this one, but here's TL at night.
Bottom Left: Also a bit blurry, the Star Tours sign looks great at night.
Bottom Right: The mural is now completed, and looks pretty nice, though a bit out of place. It reads "beyond the greatest star of all lies our future."

Well, that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed these! The day at DL was a bit frustrating with the crowds and awful lines, and I may not be back for quite a while due to that. Let me know your comments about this report!


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