DL Trip Report
May 8, 1998

All photos were taken on an Olympus D-600L digital camera, at a resolution of 1280x1024. This makes these photos the highest resolution and largest size (in more way than one) on the Web!
The large pictures are quite large, but you'll find them to be worth the download in many cases. A few were downsized, and some were edited in Photoshop as well. But they're pretty raw, overall. Note that the large photos are upwards of 300k! But they are well worth the download. As usual, I'll put a to the lower-left of photos I think are first rate.

You can click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures!

I'm not going to talk much this time-- just show you what I feel are some of the best pictures I've taken yet! Especially of the Rocket Rods.. let's just say that if I was any luckier, I would've ridden one. On with the story!

After an awful 2hr drive (now you see why I'm not there as often as I'd like), I got inside the berm at about 5:20 or so. It's pretty obvious where I went first.

Viva Rocket Rods - See the super closeups below!

Left: Here's a rod just hanging around.
Middle: You can see how they really are "bumper to bumper" near the station.
Right: XPR 25 wheelies up to speed!

Above Left: A sign says that the Rods are opening on May 22nd. I'll be there for sure!
Above Right: A lineup of rods while they're not testing.
Below Left: This scene shows an interesting twist on the LA traffic jam.

Up close and VERY Personal

Several of the Rods had the sound effects, and one had more than the others-- it was like a jet car or something!

I was extremely lucky. I got closer to a non-moving Rocket Rod than any mere mortal (non-Disney at least). The rods broke down (?) at a very convenient time--right as I was going onto the monorail platform! I was a bit upset at first, but then I realized that I'd have a few minutes at the station to look over the one that had stopped. So I got right on and headed for the best seat in the house. And what I took was awesome!!!


These pictures are all worth a look! They're the best I've seen yet, IMHO! It practically looks like I could step right in, but that's not too close to the truth.

Top Left:This is the "overview" shot. Note that this one isn't completed--the side of it isn't on. One's that are finished have a "track ready" card strung onto one of the seats. This was not one of them.
Top Right: A closer look -- you can see something that looks like a heatsink behind the rear-right seat. And, although you can't tell, there's an emblem on the RR seat that says "Rocket Rod".
Bottom Right: A close-up of the seats. The seat belts are just like your car (are those Recaro seats??). I'm not sure how comfortable they are though (should've made a leap for it and found out!). I learned later that to release the seatbelts (they "lock") there's a button near the headlight.

Other Tomorrowland Stuff

Left: Innoventions' spire has been "copperized" or whatever you want to look.
Right: By the time you noticed the x-wing approaching, it would've been too late. This is on the 2nd floor of the starcade.


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