DL Trip Report
May 14, 1999

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All photos were taken on my new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, at a resolution of 1600x1200. Our photos are even better than before!
As usual, I'll put a to the lower-left of photos I think are first rate.

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Ahh, this trip brought back memories -- just like the old days when I went more often. I was there from 5:30pm 'til closing. The park was moderately crowded, but nothing terrible.

This time, I brought along my new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, which is great, though a tripod sure would be helpful!

Outside the Berm

Just like last time, I climbed up to the top of the observation deck, to take a look at California Adventure. It's neat to watch them build it -- something I'd never seen before. Lots of buildings were going up, and the future Grizzly Mountain was also rising.

I was also surprised to see a new building going up between the berm and the monorail track. I got all excited thinking "new ride!" but my hopes were dashed when a cast member told me it was the new Costuming buildling for CA Adventure.

A panoramic view of California Adventure: The Construction Site (sounds exciting, eh?)

New Tomorrowland: Nothing's Changed

It was kind of funny when I walked into Tomorrowland... the Rocket Rods were crawling around the track, with their blue lights flashing. Cosmic Waves wasn't waving, and the Observatron was silent. Space Mountain was closed one last day for refurbishment. Only Star Tours and the Astro Orbitor were running! Star Tours had a large line, which isn't surprising considering what movie is about to be released.

When the Rocket Rods finally came back up, they had a 1h45 wait -- I don't think so. When I returned near midnight, the wait was still an hour. Being a Rocket Rods veteran (hehe, I know better than to wait in line for them), I decided to skip them altogether.

The Rods still don't do wheelies, like they used to.

Left: A non-functional Rocket Rod
Right: A functional Rocket Rod

Top Left and Bottom Right: Two nice shots of Space Mountain

Top Right: A shot of Innoventions from the old Space Mtn queue.

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