Pirates of the Caribbean
Location: New Orleans Square
Year Opened: 1967
Crowds: Moderate; Line moves fast though.
Description: A not-so quiet boat ride through the bayous. A Disney masterpiece that should not be missed.
Fun Tip: While there's been a lot of talk about how "P.C." this ride is, be sure to notice the large amounts of new skeletons that were added at the same time.

Jeff's Review: hathathathathalfhat
One of the reasons why I want to be an imagineer one day. The scene setting is unbelievable, the figures are life like, and the action is superb. I love looking behind me to see how they do it all!

Above: The plaque in front of Pirates that was put there for the 30th anniversary in 1997. If you blow it up, you can see the members of "Walt Disney's Buccaneer Crew"

Above: The sign for Pirates' 30th Anniversary in Spring 1997.

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