DL Trip Report
September 15-16, 1999

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All photos were taken on my new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, at a resolution of 1600x1200. Our photos are even better than before!
As usual, I'll put a to the lower-left of photos I think are first rate.

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I can't tell you how great the park is on a weekday in September -- it's like having the whole place to yourself! There was a lot of construction going on though... Pirates, Autopia, and the Tea Cups were closed, many of the restaurants as well, and there was a large fenced off area towards the front of the park.

I arrived Wednesday afternoon and went into the park alone for a few hours. I'd go again the next day with a friend for a few hours.

One of my stated goals for this trip was to take pictures that people had requested-- Toontown, Rocket Rods (as if I didn't have enough photos of them already), and the new pool at the Disneyland Hotel. Well, I never made it to the hotel, but I think I did pretty well everywhere else. So let's begin!

California Adventure Update

Before I get to CA Adventure, I wanted to show you what the Disneyland sign on Harbor Blvd. looks like these days:

Above: It's just not quite the same anymore, is it?

California Adventure has grown by leaps and bounds since I was last there in May. Lots of buildings are well into construction, and most of the Paradise Pier area is finished. The coaster looks interesting.. hard to tell from a distance though. It was hard for my friend to get excited about it as we walked through the preview center, though. One thing that was kind of nice was that you can't see CA Adventure from inside Disneyland. Well, you can see the cranes, but nothing else.

Above: My panoramic shot of the CA Adventure site. I believe that large building right in front is where MuppetVision*3D will go.

Left: A look at the Paradise Pier area. Grizzly Rapids rises in the front. You can see the California Screamin' (what a dumb name) hill on the left, and the Sun Wheel on the right.
Right: The same area from the other side.

New Tomorrowland Actually Works!

I've been to Disneyland quite a few times since New Tomorrowland opened, and I've never seen all the attractions all working at the same time. Until this trip! At one point, I saw the Observatron spinning around to music, Cosmic Waves waving, and Rocket Rods "speeding" along their track. Amazing!

Of course, when I decided to try the Rods, they broke down. Luckily, I got a "front of the line" pass, which I used on Indy.

Above: The Rods, broken, go out on test runs. They were doing their wheelies again.

One thing that was running great was Space Mountain. The beginning seems a little brighter -- kind of an amber glow on that first small lift hill. But once you get going, it's darker than ever. I rode in the front seat twice on the first day, and it was fantastic! The audio was working, it was dark, and fast! And there was only a one train wait!

Did I mention that it wasn't crowded?

If you're ever planning a trip to DL, try weekdays in September:

Above: For those of you playing along at home, take a look at those wait times!

Main Street looks great!

This area must have received a paint job recently, because it looks super nice! I didn't actually go inside any shops this time, but I thought some pictures of the facades were in order:

Above: Some shops on Main Street USA.

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