Cosmic Waves
Location: Tomorrowland
Year Opened: 1998
Crowds: Heavy on hot days.
Description: An interactive fountain. The goal is to get to the ball in the center. But the water won't make that too easy!

Jeff's Review:
I loved Cosmic Waves! It's SO much fun, even if you're twenty-something! I got soaked and I couldn't stop laughing-- or going back in! The kids love it too!

Cosmic Waves closed in 2002. It became more of a public bath than an "avoid the water" puzzle, and it was a real mess. It's original form was fun, though.

Above: Shots of kids playing in the fountain, right in front of HISTA (visible on the left photo). I felt like a 22yr old kid -- it was so fun!

Above: The fountain nearing completion in Mid-March 1998.

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