Location: Tomorrowland, to the left of Space Mountain
Year Opened: 1998
Crowds: Light to moderate.
Description: Just like the Epcot attraction of the same name, you can walk through the exhibits from coperate sponsors and see what they're up to.

Jeff's Review:
Incredibly boring; Items on display aren't new or terribly innovative. The only reason it gets any hats at all is the cool looking building, the view from the second floor, and the amazing Tom Morrow animatronic.

Above: A slightly blurry photo of the incredible Tom Morrow

Right: The Tree of Knowledge is made up of old computer parts. It looks pretty cool but it wasn't there for anything else but appearance as far as I could tell.
Left: The famous and controversial sonogram area in the Kaiser section.

Left: General Sparky Motors, the entertaining animatronic.
Right: This cabling near the entrance to the GM ride didn't get this way by accident.

The newly reopening SAP exhibit has some kind of thing on communications. You pick up round discs and rea

Left: A closeup of the new Innoventions sign.
Right: A shot of the still unopened attraction, on opening day.

Left: They've added a more metallic look to the building in April 1998.
Innoventions in March 1998, with Cosmic Waves in the foreground.


Above: Two construction shots of Innoventions (formerly America Sings/Carousel of Progress)

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