Disneyland Monorail

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Location: Tomorrowland, above the submarines
Year Opened: 1959 (and updated several times since)
Crowds: Worse than normal due to construction, but only bad at opening and closing time.
Description: Ride a modern transportation system on a one-way trip to the Disneyland Hotel.
Fun tip: Ask a cast member if you can sit in front -- it's fun!

Jeff's Review: hathathathalfhat
Especially when it's running on its normal route, you can get a great view of Disneyland from up there!

Top Left: This is the cool new Monorail sign that is at the base of the speed ramps. I didn't get to ride since the monorail went 101.

Top Right: The even cooler new Monorail sign in the day time..

Bottom Right: .. and a very poor shot of it at night. It kind of has a roller coaster of neon shoot around it, then it makes a monorail in the center of that sun thing (you can see that in this shot, just not very well). 

Above: Have you seen this picture somewhere before? The monorail swiftly passes the Matterhorn.

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