Star Tours

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Location: Tomorrowland, on the right-hand side.
Year Opened: 1987
Crowds: Usually low.
Description: Billed as the ultimate Star Wars adventure, they are not kidding. Using advanced motion simulator technology, you actually relive the film!

Jeff's Review: hathathathat
Still a great ride-- though a bit dated. Rumor has it a new film is on the way, but who knows when.

Left: It looks like they added that almost leather-like material around the sign after the Grand Opening.
Right: A nice shot at dusk of the Star Tours spire. They added a strobe effect to the center part, as you can see if you look closely.

Left: The other side of the queue's new mural.
Right: The sign, finally finished on 5/22/98.

Left: The spire, looking amazing.
Right: The amazingly cool part on the other side of the spire.


Left: A look at the new paint scheme, and the construction to the Star Tours marquee.
Right: Inside the new queue area, themed as a security checkpoint at the spaceport.

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