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I spent a few days in Southern California at the end of August, and of course, couldn't pass up a stop at the Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland was pretty crowded -- it was clear that school was NOT in session yet. California Adventure was moderately crowded, but nothing like the preview day I went to.

The weather was pretty hot as well, making a tiring day even more tiring.

About the Photos

I will confess that the photos this time around aren't as good as the previous photos. I took a different camera this time (the Olympus C-4040Z), and while it has the same resolution (4 Megapixel) as the E-10 I brought last time, the difference in optics is really apparent. That's not to say they're bad or anything, they're just not great.

Photos are grouped by park and land, rather than time of day.

There are more pictures available from the menu back on my main Disneyland page.

Each picture you'll see on the next several pages will be a smaller version (usually 800 x 600) of the original. Under most photos there will be a link to a much larger version (2272 x 1704, often over 500k) which looks really nice when printed or used as a desktop background. If the image doesn't have a full-sized version, it's probably because it was too blurry (usually a night shot).

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