Disneyland Resort Photos
by Jeff Keller / March 14, 2004

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It's been nearly two years since I've done a photo update on this site! Let's just say that things don't always happen as planned!

This time I went with my sister and her fiancé. The parks (even DCA) were packed, which meant no re-rides! Having Space Mountain and Indy closed did not help matters, either.

About the Photos

On this trip, I brought along the Olympus E-1 and a 14-55 mm lens. I've reviewed this camera on my DCRP site.

Photos are grouped by park and land, rather than time of day.

Each picture you'll see on the next several pages will be a smaller version (usually 800 x 600) of the original. Under most (but not all) photos there will be a link to a much larger version which looks really nice when printed or used as a desktop background.

If you wish to jump ahead in my tour, just use the pull-down menu at the top and bottom of every page!

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