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As I have done for the last several years, I visited (with my friend Jason) the Disneyland Resort during the best time of year - the holiday season. All the lights, trees, and ornaments make it a really special time to visit. Not to mention the lighter crowds!

The two things I really wanted to see this year were the Haunted Mansion Holiday, and LuminAria at California Adventure. Rest assured that I have photos from both!

Disneyland in the post-September 11th era is different. Upon arriving at the Grand Californian Hotel gatehouse, our IDs and trunk were checked. At Disneyland, my camera bag was searched each time I entered. It's a sad to see this done, but better safe than sorry.

About the Photos

On this trip, I used my four megapixel Olympus E-10 digital camera. Since I've already taken photos of just about everything at the two parks, I wanted to do something different this time. That is, focus on photos inside the rides. Of course, I obey the rules and don't use the flash, so usually they don't come out great. But seeing how there aren't many shots inside the ride, you have to take what you can get <grin>.

Photos are grouped by park and land, rather than time of day.

Each picture you'll see on the next several pages will be a smaller version (usually 800 x 600) of the original. Under most photos there will be a link to a much larger version (2272 x 1704, often over 500k) which looks really nice when printed or used as a desktop background.

If the image doesn't have a full-sized version, it's probably because it was too blurry (usually a night shot or ride interior).

If you wish to jump ahead in my tour, just use the pull-down menu at the top and bottom of every page!

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