Disneyland Resort Photos
by Jeff Keller / November 7, 2008


I took advantage of my trip to visit family in Southern California to hit up the DL Resort to see what's new. Highlights included Toy Story Mania and the new Monorail. And the light crowds didn't hurt, either!

We also got to see the first Fantasmic show after it was being fixed up for the last few months. They now use digital projectors (instead of 70mm film) and the results were bright and colorful. Unfortunately, the show started late, and there were at least three glitches on the mist screens. I figure those will be worked out in time. I also noticed that the fireworks at the end of the show have changed since I last saw the show back in April!

About the Photos

Photos were taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 with its 14 - 45 mm kit lens.

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