DL Trip Report
December 12, 1997

All photos were taken on an Olympus D-600L digital camera, at a resolution of 1280x1024 in HQ mode. The large pictures are quite large, but you'll find them to be worth the download in many cases. You can click on the thumbnails to see the larger pictures!

I decided to take a quick trip to the park to see the Christmas theme DL was heavily promoting this year. And while I wasn't there for more than 2.5 hours, I enjoyed what I saw. A large tree in Town Square, more trees and lights in the hub, and decorations abound. I was very impressed.

Above: The huge tree is lit up in Town Square.

After a quick walkthrough of Tomorrowland (nothing new since last time, really), I headed over to the main attraction, it's a small world holiday. I quickly snapped a nice SHQ shot from outside, waited about 10 minutes in line, then tried to take some inside. I wasn't very successful inside, but I got a few. They did an excellent job on this project-- a sign that DL management can still do a few things right.

Above: A superb SHQ 1280x1024 shot of the lit up exterior of small world holiday. WELL worth the download time, trust me. (582k!)

Left: A red-nosed reindeer disguised as a shrub.
Right: An interior shot from the ride.

Left: Another interior shot (a little blurry, sorry)
Right: On of those Easter Island-like statues with a santa cap and beard (a little red, sorry)

Above: Some more stuff hanging from the ceiling.


As it turned out, it's pretty hard to take pictures inside as you move by, so the closeups just didn't happen. So, after I finished small world, I moved past the Christmas parade, and over past the closed Thunder Mountain to Indy. I basically walked right on, with a 3-4 minute wait total. I unfortunately had to ride with 9 rowdy and destructive teenagers.

From there, it was off to Space Mountain, which lost its music in the beginning of the ride, much to my dismay. I didn't get a chance to ride again, because the park closed!

On my way out, I snapped a fairly dark shot of the castle though. I hit the Emporium to see what they had. Some nice plush (Pooh stuff especially) and some nice shirts, but otherwise, nothing else exciting to me. It was a pretty quick trip (not to mention a solo effort) but I still had a good time.

Above: The castle, with trees.




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