Jeff's New House

The Basics

City: Brentwood, CA
Development: Cherry Hill at Deer Ridge by KB Home
Plan: 1A (shown above)
Est. moving date: Early November

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2-3
Home size: 1489 sqft
Lot size: 5043 sqft


Development description
Features List


Background story
April 25th - Getting the house
April 27th - Paperwork and a first look
April 28th - A reprieve
May 17th - Upgrade shopping trip
May 30th - How to spend $30,000 in two hours
June 8th - A quick stop en route to fruit picking
June 28th - Watering the dirt
July 11th - Finally, some progress!
July 17th - Pre-foundation walkthrough
July 27th - Foundation is poured
August 3rd - Walls up
August 10th - Roof is done
August 20th - Framing walkthrough
August 31st - Walls!
September 6th - Very minor update
September 20th - Big changes inside
September 27th - Tiled
October 5th - Painted
October 15th - House is (basically) done
October 22nd - Walkthrough
November 21st - All moved in

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