Jeff's New House Journal
July 27, 2003

While I was hoping to see some wood going up on today's visit, it was still worth the trip. The foundation is poured and it's about time to start framing. Today provided a look at just how hot it can be out there -- it was 103°.

Here's the tour:

The two shots above show the foundation from the street. You can see the pressure-treated lumber in the bottom shot, which will be used for the main structure of the house.

Here's a view toward the front of the house. I'm standing against the wall, which gives you an idea of the depth of my yard.

Looking down the street from my lot, you can see they've poured the rest of the houses on the block. The house next to me is a plan 3. Yes, I'm pinned between two, large two-story houses.

Now this is a shot from down the block, looking toward my house. It's weird seeing houses where there was just dirt a few months ago!

This is another plan 1 a few houses down. Mine will look much like this. I was surprised to see that no rear landscaping has been installed yet at the house on lot 1... the house looks ready to move-in. In fact, some of the first houses to be completed are occupied.

After touring the houses, we went to a really nice nursery in Brentwood to check on trees. This place had everything -- once I'm moved in, I can't wait to go back and buy some trees and plants.

I must admit, summers will be tough out there. I'm not used to 100-degree heat. I much prefer the 62° I'm enjoying now in SF.

I'll be back out in BW next weekend to see the framing.

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