Jeff's New House Journal
October 22, 2003

Well, today was the big day: my walkthrough! Tomorrow I go back to make sure they fixed the problems that we found. I sign on the dotted line, and then have to wait until next Monday to sign my loan docs. The keys will be mine 24 hours later! It's hard to believe that all these things came together in the end.

The problems we found were fairly minor. The doorbell didn't work -- they fixed it while we were still there. A light was burned out. A few scratches on the walls. A misaligned drawer. Nothing major. There was a nice surprise as well.

On with the tour!

The house is done, done, done. Well not 100%, but close enough (more on that in a second). As you can see, all the front landscaping is finished since my last trip there.

Here's the super family room, as seen from the kitchen. I got to try out everything... the stove, the dishwasher, the microwave, etc. Nice stuff too... the customer service guy thought that I had good taste in upgrades.

Slightly different view of the kitchen. The blue tape, seen at the lower-right, shows something that needs to be fixed. The drawer there is messed up.

Right after our tour, we went to Lowes and I bought my appliances. I got a fairly cheap (relatively speaking) Whirlpool side-by-side fridge.

One thing he told me that I'll want is a water softener. Said Brentwood's water was very hard and it would mess up my pipes and things. So that's an added expense I'll look into once I move.

These are the plugs in the media niche. Phone, mystery hole, power, then the fancy outlet that's part of my structured wiring package. 4 cable/satellite, Ethernet, and another phone.

Here's the office, the one place not finished. First of all, the window coverings are not there. They're backordered. So they're going to install temporary blinds until the plantation shutters arrive.

Secondly, they are going to replace that window -- it's scratched (they already were going to do it, we didn't find the problem).

One funny thing is that I still have a golf course view out the window. And I didn't even have to pay $30,000 more for the privilege!

Since last week's carpet picture was bad, here's a new one (complete with my feet).

Bath #2

Master bedroom, complete with window coverings

Master bath. The window coverings here are vinyl instead of wood.

I tested the shower and the tub!

The biggest surprise of the day was the backyard. They fully landscaped it for free!! Compare it to last week's picture -- that's what I was supposed to get. But they made a "team decision" to give me the full banana! They said "don't tell your neighbors" -- ha ha!

So I got a FULL lawn, tons of sprinklers, bark, and plants.

And they put bark down the side...

That's all for today. Going back tomorrow... and moving in two weeks!

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