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Disney Pages

glowing hatDisney.com - These fine folks (and frequent visitors of this page, may I add) must have an enormous staff to keep their beast of a page running, but it's cool anyhow. Of course, I'm not a big fan of official pages (can't you tell?) but it's a nice site.

glowing hatAl Lutz's Disneyland Info Guide - The ever-opinionated Al Lutz must go to Disneyland very often to keep his info this up to date! Save your money on those "guides" they sell at the bookstore! It's all here! Rumors, hours, ticket prices and more! Plus strategies for visiting the parks! Cool.

Werner's Unofficial Disney ParkLinks - For the time being, you can find almost all Disney links on earth at this archive, until I hunt down my favorites. He's got quite a collection!

glowing hatRyan's Unofficial Disneyland Page - Another excellent Disneyland page.

glowing hatBackstage at Disneyland - Andrew Rich provides an excellent look behind the scenes and Disneyland, and sometimes gets in trouble for it ;-)

glowing hatDonald Laird's Virtual Disneyland - Walk around Disneyland! Tons of pictures! Cool!

glowing hatMr. Whoopee's Disneyland Adventure - Yet another great DL page-- seeing a trend?

Nick and Amber's DL Page - - I'm pleased to find this site on their Top 15 Disneyland Pages list :-)


Getting Stuck on WDW Rides - A cool look at people that got stuck on WDW rides...

glowing hatVR Walt Disney World - Jason Bartel has a great page full of rendered 3D images of Walt Disney World!

Friend's Pages

glowing hatStephen Booth's "HTML Thing" - Surprisingly, this guy's stuck by me even after I ran over him on my bike when we were in 7th grade. This fact is even more shocking is that he had already fallen off of his bike when I did this! While a Bio and French double major at prestigious Harvey Mudd College, this man lands computer science jobs which most people our age can only dream of. He's got some bitchin' H.R. Giger info, as well as Native American information, a CGI library in C++, and more. Check it out.

News Pages

glowing hat - a cool web site!CNN Interactive - A must for any net surfer. Even more exciting, this whole operation is run on Mac's!!

USA Today Online - Another cool web site, though not as deep as CNN, is still very good.

New York Times - Yet another good web site. I don't like sites that make you register though.

LA Times Online - YAGWS.. and again, that annoying registration bothers me. Do these people really think we want to remember 30 different names and passwords across the net??

The Wall Street Journal Interactive - Grrrr.... the free ride is ending this summer.. I don't like paying for this kind of information.

ESPNET Sportszone - The Java-based sportsticker is the most compelling example of Java usage I've seen so far. Cool, but I think they want money too.

Shopping Sites

glowing hatCyberian Outpost - Everyday, I thank Darryl Peck for finally creating a respectable mail order place on the Internet. Those other places are nice, but Cybout gets the best stuff real fast, for pretty good prices. A must for game buyers, too. They've made a good deal of cash off of me.

Internet Shopping Network - They've got alot of stuff, some very cheap, but since I've never bought anything from them (yet), I can't really recommend them. However, take a looksie.

CDNow! - A great place to shop for music, especially some of the more rare stuff. As for new stuff, I think it's cheaper to go to the store.

Macintosh-Related Sites

glowing hatMacintouch - I'm read this page more regularly than even the daily newspaper. Everyday, at least twice. It's a must-have resource for any Mac enthusiast. Thanks Ric Ford!

glowing hatThe Macintosh Resource Page - Like Macintouch, lots of info. Even tells you when new game demos are out! The included RAMWatch page is a great idea, so you can track how much DIMMs and SIMMs are before you buy! Check it out!

MacAddict - A cool new Mac magazine. Most stories aren't very long, and don't expect any hot previews of hardware, but check it out anyway.

glowing hat - a cool web site!Apple Computer - Of course it's a cool page! A recent redesign made it much better too. Faster servers too! A must.

glowing hat - a cool web site!Power Computing - Late in 1995, I converted to a Macintosh "clone". Although I had some problems at first, Power took very good care of me, and the Powerwave that I use everyday is fantastic. A look at my PowerWatch page will prove my dedication ;-)

glowing hatC|Net - The computer network. They seem a little slanted towards Microsoft and Intel, but I'll let that slide. They've built themselves quite a web empire!

The Mac Gamers Ledge - A great source of news, reviews, and demos of Mac games!

Playstation and Game-Related Sites

glowing hatNext Generation Online - The best gaming site on the Internet. Period. If it wasn't for those darn frames, I'd give it two glowing hats. If you have a console system (Playstation, Saturn) or a PC or Mac, it's worth the trouble of the frames. Excellent!

Playstation Galleria - Our friend Nils keeps up on all the hot Playstation details. He's got buckets of news, previews, pictures, and more. Cool.

Weather-Related Web Sites

glowing hatThe Weather Channel - Mother always said, when you need information, go to the experts. Need I say more? By the way, my mother never really said that. Up to the minute forecasts and current conditions are what you will find here. These guys just redid their site again and it's even better.

glowing hatIntellicast - Another great weather site. Their server is a little slow and buggy, but it's got great content. Even see a local allergy report (and 'hay', it's accurate!)

glowing hatThe Weather Underground - when all else fails, check them out. All three of these web sites are on the same level, really. This one's simple, but has the same information.

Sites without Categories

UC San Diego - Where I spend my 4 years and my parents money. Get a very good, albeit very difficult education, for a lot less than those Ivy League schools. If you want to hear the areas in which UCSD is strong, drop me a line. For one, UCSDs' bioengineering program is second only to MIT, in the nation.

UCSD Bookstore - My current employer. The web pages kind of suck now, but look for this to change by fall.

SOFTBANK Exposition and Confererence Company - Does anyone notice a pattern yet? I worked at Softbank in the summer of 1995. They're a cool place.

UC San Francisco - I had an awesome lab job in the summer of 1994. It's a shame I'm not a bio major anymore, or I'd love to be there again.

glowing hat - a cool web site!E*Trade - It looks like these guys are going to be my "electronic stock broker". I'm going to play the stock market for the first time this summer, and with $14.95 commissions and internet trading, these guys are extra cool.


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