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I spent April 14 - 23 in various parts of Florida. I spent the first several days in Key Largo, where my sister was working for 2 months. I checked out various places in South Florida and then it was off to the Space Coast. On the 19th, I witnessed a space shuttle launch-- truly a once in a lifetime experience. Finally, the last few days were spent with my sister at Walt Disney World. I hope you enjoy looking at the sights I saw on my travels!

If my selection of WDW photos seems a bit skimpy this time, it's because I've already photographed just about everything there<grin>. Check out my Photo Gallery page for links to many, many more Disney photos.

About the Photos

All the pictures from my trip to were taken with the 4 Megapixel Olympus E-10 Professional digital camera. This is one of the best cameras out there, and hopefully you'll agree once you see the pictures. Videos were taken with a Sony DCR-PC110 Digital Video camera that I have on loan from Sony.

Each picture you'll see on the next several pages will be a smaller version (usually 800 x 600) of the original. Under each photo there will be a link to a much larger version (2240 x 1680, often over 600k) which looks really nice when printed or used as a desktop background.

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