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Jeff and Jamie's Pie Adventure

a.k.a. a demo of Jeff's new Olympus D-300L digital camera

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My roommate and I enjoy going for road trips on weekends.. while this is often Disneyland, one of our other favorite destinations is the mountains east of San Diego, and a town known as Julian. Locals also know Julian as "that place where you can get apple pie." Jamie has been telling me that it snows up there in the winter, and since I was skeptical about the whole thing, I took him up on an offer to go up there. So we hop into Jeff's car and head north....

And what do you know! Snow! On the left you see Lake Cuyamaca, as we drive up the mountains towards Mt. Laguna, to find some deeper snow.

We find a place on the way to Laguna that looks good. So we get out of the car and walk around (only a few snowballs were thrown--I had foolishly just eaten and was not in the mood to run around). We walked up the hill to see what was up there (more snow) and it was pretty deep... 2-3 feet I'm guessing. Left picture shows Jamie down the hill waiting for my return.

And yes, there I am (right), stumbling back down the hill.. and I was certainly cold.. it was time to get back in the car and defrost, on the way to our eventual goal--Julian, and pie.

We got a pretty good sunset (below) on our way. FYI, a many of these were actually taken while in the car, moving.

We finally reached our goal.. Julian! There was a line out the door at Mom's Pies, but that didn't phase us-- the hourlong journey MUST have a pie at the end of it! We even brought some home, as you can see below!



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