SFMW Medusa Construction Photos

Newer pictures now available!

These were taken on Wednesday, December 29, 1999. These were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

I don't plan on going back very often since it's kind of a long drive. Keep an eye on Steve Silvas' great site, which is updated a lot more often than this one will be.


1394 x 1184

An overview of what's completed so far.


1200 x 1600

The drop and loop. Nice!


1434 x 898

Yes, here's another new B&M element: the jump! Launched off the end of the track you'll travel up and over Roar to the track on the other side! (That was a joke).


1320 x 998

A lousy shot of the station. You can see the hydraulic platforms that move away before the train departs the station.


972 x 1600

From near the station.


1600 x 1042

This track goes into a ditch (sort of). This could be cool in the front row.


1600 x 1200

Another long view.


1142 x 1334

I love B&M loops!

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