SFMW Medusa Construction Photos [1/22/00]

These were taken on Saturday, January 22, 2000. These were taken with an Epson PhotoPC 850Z digital camera.

I was very pleased not only to get some decent weather in the area, but also to see the progress they've made since my last visit! They've completed the lift, drop, vertical loop, diving loop, zero-G roll, and the Sea Serpent (a never before done B&M element!). I must say the Sea Serpent was smaller than I was expecting -- I guess I've been spoiled by Hulk's huge Cobra Roll!

I don't plan on going back very often since it's kind of a long drive. Keep an eye on Steve Silvas' great site, which is updated a lot more often than this one will be.

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1600 x 1030


981 x 1031


1129 x 1122

Shot from across the street. Close-up of Sea Serpent element Another angle on the Sea Serpent


1496 x 1033


1600 x 1136


1513 x 1200

First drop and Sea Serpent First drop, vertical loop, diving loop, zero-G roll, and exit of Sea Serpent


1099 x 895


1600 x 1200


1385 x 921

Here's Kong, a Vekoma SLC. Note the similarities to the Sea Serpent in the next two photos. Sea Serpent More distant shot


1600 x 1200


1457 x 1135


1371 x 1476

First drop, vertical loop, zero-G roll, Sea Serpent Now from the other side. Diving loop closeup. More...


1951 x 1297

Distant shot of drop and Sea Serpent.

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