Monterey/Carmel Photos - March 29, 2005

My mom's off for spring break (she's a teacher) so I went with the folks down to the Monterey Peninsula. I brought along my new Canon EOS-20D with the 18-55 kit lens (which isn't so hot, but it does the job for these purposes) and took some (if I may) great shots.

Enjoy them!

Cannery Row... now mostly tourist traps (e.g. "As Seen on TV Store")

The front of the aquarium. Note the line.

This composite shot shows the line for tickets. It felt a little like Disneyland, just without the ride at the end. In the shot on the bottom right you can see what that $20 per person ticket is going toward. For those who still don't get it, note the $25,000 collection of plasma TV's in the background.

After we got tickets we had lunch at the Fishhopper, a long time favorite.

I liked this room so much that I took several pictures here.

The whole tank curves inward...

Am I the only one who is reminded of The Living Seas at EPCOT here?

First of many jellyfish shots. I love these.


Here's another one

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Photos 2005 Jeff Keller.
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