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Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Photos

My friend Ashley and I drove down from San Francisco for a date with Goliath! Our plan was to arrive before park opening, get our annual passes (thank you Mike Sterling for the $49.95 coupon!), and head straight for the big "G". Well, everyone else was thinking the same thing. The season pass processing line cost us a half an hour, and by the time we got to Goliath at 10:30, the line was already an hour (though we were quoted 2 hours). The park was crowded, but not horrible. In some cases, more trains could've been added to shorten wait times.

Some of these photos are quite large in size, so you've been warned. Also, a few had their levels adjusted to brighten them up a bit.

Coolest picture: Check out the first Batman photo!


After reading the various reviews of this new hypercoaster on the web, I had an idea about what Goliath would be like. Fast, tall, intense, and short. Someone correctly called it the "Batman of Hypercoasters". That's right-on. The lift hill seems to never end, and when that drop comes, it's super-fast and pretty scary. After the turnaround there's a few drops with some airtime, followed by a sharp turn into the brakes. You then dive down into a wild s-curve, and into the most intense part of the ride: the helix! You really pull the G's here, and for a long time. Then it just ends. I wish it went on for another 30-60 seconds! Our night ride was definitely more fun than the morning ride, as well. SFMM ran all three trains for most of the day, but towards 5pm, the ride broke. When we were in line at around 5:30 (after it was reopened), we heard what sounded like hammering in the train shed. Maybe the wheel problem isn't fixed?

1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200

1571 x 1150

While you can see Goliath from all the way up on the Grapevine, you don't really begin to appreciate its size until you get into the parking lot. Here, you can see how Goliath's turnaround towers over Colossus'. Here's the Goliath entrance. The whole queue is themed very well by SFMM standards. Here the train goes up the 255 foot lift! Talk about anticipation!

1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200

1451 x 862

Here's a train just leaving the top of the first hill. This train is exiting the midcourse trims. It reminds me of the Manhattan Express in Vegas in a way. A train going through the huge turnaround.

1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200


1600 x 919

A look all the way down the drop to the turnaround. This shot, taken from Colossus' lift hill, shows the entry and exit to the midcourse trims, and the s-curve on the way to the helix. The train exits the bunny hop before turning up towards the trim brakes.

1600 x 1200

1600 x 1093

1600 x 1200

Here's the dive out of the trims, through the s-curve, towards the helix. And here is the famous helix. You pull over 4 G's for around nine seconds. While I didn't black out, I sure could feel it! Goliath is all lit up at night too. Going up the lift hill, the track is glowing green!
Batman / Riddler's Revenge

I love both of these B&M creations. Batman is the only coaster that makes me dizzy after riding. We rode in the front row and it was as great as ever!

Riddler's Revenge is another one of my favorites. I found that extending my arms out in front of me (Superman style) gave a great sensation of flight!

1433 x 1002

1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200

Here's a cool picture of Batman in action. Check out the look on their faces! Another set of Batman riders entering the corkscrew. I *love* this ride! Here, the train goes up the lift, through the huge loop!

1600 x 1200

1329 x 1200

1600 x 1200

Here's the inclined loop! Dropping out of the midcourse brakes. And from the other side. Check out their expressions!

1600 x 1200

Here they go into the diving loop around the lift!
Viper / Superman

Poor Viper. This Arrow Megalooper used to be so much smoother. While I didn't get a headache this time, you could hear the cries of pain from fellow riders as we went through the circuit. The only thing worse than Viper that day was Revolution. Ouch! (No, I didn't ride Flashback).

Superman, on the other hand, is smooth as can be! And it's still pretty fun, but it's so short. Oh well.

1600 x 1200

992 x 1454

Viper, behind the wall of fame. They really need to give Viper some TLC -- it's rough! Superman!

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