Visiting Jackson in Ventura
September 12-13, 2003

I recently drove south to visit my sister and my favorite nephew, Jackson. Jackson is an adorable yellow lab who is a full member of the family. We hung out in Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Here are my favorite pictures, which were taken with my Canon EOS-D60:

Jackson seems concerned after his mom ran into her apartment for a minute.

Once we arrive at the beach in Ventura, Jackson was ready for action.

Paw prints in the sand

Jackson making more paw prints

He rushes out to get his toy...

... and has to turn around after a wave washes it ashore

Very cute

"Do I have sand on my nose?"

After the beach, we went to downtown Santa Barbara. We stopped into the Three Dog Bakery to check out the treats.

Jackson takes a seat at the bar to try some dog ice cream

He looks quite sharp in Doggles (but he doesn't seem to like them)

Two bonus shots of a mall in beautiful Santa Barbara


All pictures © 2003 Jeff Keller.
Photos are for personal use only.