Disney's Animal Kingdom

We visited Animal Kingdom on a Monday, so most of the holiday crowds had gone home. We first went to Kilamanjaro Safaris and picked up a Fastpass.

From there, it was off to It's Tough to Be a Bug, then Dinosaur. When Countdown to Extinction changed its name to Dinosaur, the height requirement dropped to 40". To make that happen, WDI had to tone down the ride a bit. But from our seats in the front row, I couldn't tell - it was as rough as ever.

We headed back for our safari, and managed to get some nice pictures along the way. We then did the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

After a quick lunch and some shopping, it was off to Kali River Rapids. This is a fun ride but its way too short. We went next to the Maharajah Jungle Trek, where we got up close and person with some tigers, bats, and birds.

And that was about it, here. We skipped the shows, and headed to EPCOT to try to get on Test Track (didn't happen).


2016 x 1377

2223 x 1656
The main entrance, dressed up for the holidays. A close-up look at the Tree of Life. You can find more pictures in my other trip reports.

2400 x 1800

1524 x 1236
More animals carved in the "trunk" Kangaroo

1845 x 1362

1860 x 1458
The next few photos are from our Kilamanjaro Safari. I have no idea what these animals are (forgot). Crocodiles...

1896 x 1374

800 x 600
A nice shot of some giraffes. Another giraffe having lunch.

1908 x 1350

2400 x 1800
An African Elephant. And a few more...

2400 x 1800

1806 x 1635
Don't remember what these are either. Intricate details at one of the eating areas of the Flame Tree BBQ restaurant.

2400 x 1800

1704 x 1431
Mom (hidden) really enjoyed getting wet on Kali River Rapids. A giant fruit bat -- and they mean giant!

2118 x 1752
You can get much closer to these tigers than this, on the Maharaja Jungle Trek.  

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