Epcot remains my favorite park at WDW. Not because of the rides and shows, but because of the atmosphere. I could sit in front of the Fountain of Nations all day, glancing at Spaceship Earth for one minute, and then the nations of World Showcase the next.

We got hit with some nasty weather on our Epcot day (Sunday). It rained constantly, which really put a damper on things, not to mention making my photos a bit dull.

We also had a lot of trouble riding Test Track. I've spoken to the folks about it so much that I wanted them to ride it! It was down for the whole day on Sunday, and was broken for most of Monday too. We finally got on Monday night before Illuminations 2000. We used the single riders line, since the standby line was nearly three hours (even the Fastpass line was 30+ minutes).

The highlight of any day at Epcot is Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth. I saw a lot of people leaving the park before this show -- what were they thinking? This is a must-see, breathtaking show! I watched it twice. The first time to "take it all in", and the second to photograph it (see below for the results).


2400 x 1800

2203 x 1711
Spaceship Earth at night, shot with wideangle lens. Spaceship Earth from the front, with Leave a Legacy in front.

2216 x 1736

2400 x 1800
Now from the other side... A rare look inside Spaceship Earth, thanks to the ride stopping.

2400 x 1800

1800 x 2400
Another shot. The Stave Church in Norway.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Norway Even more Norway

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Germany Check out the clock in Germany

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
U.K. pavilion More UK; The lights are up for the Tapestry of Nations parade that never happened due to the weather.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
The sea of yellow heads towards the Millennium Village. The Canada pavilion. If you're hungry and in the area, don't pass up a Beaver Tail -- they're delicious!

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Mission: Space -- coming soon. Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth.

I absolutely love this show and saw it two times. It's really hard to photograph though.

2400 x 1800

2192 x 1272
In inferno barge lets it rip in Reflections of Earth. More RoE...

2280 x 1680

2400 x 1800
More RoE... Near the finale of RoE.

2400 x 1800
Great stuff! Pictures do not do this show justice!  

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