Disney/MGM Studios

We spent most of our time at the Studios for some reason. I'm guessing it was the one-two punch of the Rock'n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror that did it. While I couldn't get dad to go on the ToT this time, mom and I went 4 times and loved it. Mom especially enjoyed the amazing airtime you get on the last "up and down" drop.

I'm pleased to report that I got both parents on the Rock'n Roller Coaster. Both were pretty freaked out during their first ride -- after all, it was their first launched upside-down coaster! Mom warmed up to it a bit more, but even dad rode it twice.

My one disappointment is that I didn't get to see the newly redone Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectactular, but there's always next time.

The real icing on the cake at the Studios this time of year is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights. It's amazing and my pictures do not do this "show" justice!


1800 x 2190

1800 x 2400
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. My favorite ride at WDW. The new(er) drop sequence delivers major airtime too! Looking straight up the Tower.

1494 x 1658

2067 x 1443
An overexposed night shot. The Rock'n Roller Coaster was fun, as usual. We rode three times.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
MuppetVision*3D remains popular and entertaining. New York Street on the MGM backlot.

1200 x 900

2100 x 1614
A look inside the Star Tours queue. Mmm.. ice cream...

2400 x 1800

800 x 600
Near Echo Lake, looking towards the Tower of Terror. The sea of yellow ponchos has made it's way to Fantasmic. The 6:30 showing was only half full due to the heavy rain, but it stopped just in time for the show to begin. Is that Disney magic or what? I still prefer the Disneyland version though. (Sorry this one is blurry).

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Just like Illuminations 2000, Fantasmic is very hard to photograph. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights is amazing. It was pretty much the same as last year, which means it was incredible.

800 x 600

800 x 600
  I believe this is the Golden Girls house.

2400 x 1431

1921 x 1266
Not-so-hidden Mickeys  

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