Magic Kingdom

Since the MK is so similar to Disneyland, we didn't spend a lot of time here. We did manage to ride our favorites though, including all the Mountains, plus Pirates, Haunted Mansion, the Peoplemover/TTA, Alien Encounter, Buzz Lightyear, and the Teacups.

We initally went to the MK the night of our arrival, where we caught a glimpse of the Main Street Electrical Parade. We later saw the fireworks, which photographed below. A few nights later, we watched the fireworks again, this time from the top of the Contemporary Resort. On our last day in Florida, we visited the MK again for some "clean up" work.

Main Street was covered with Christmas decorations and it looked great! The only thing missing was the snow!


1278 x 1509

1224 x 1236
Fantasy in the Sky fireworks Also hard to photograph

1488 x 1254

1560 x 1664
Especially with people's heads in the way A side view of the castle at night.

2226 x 1668

2400 x 1800
Fireworks on another night, taken from the top of the Contemporary.  

1716 x 1500

1716 x 1493

2400 x 1635

1797 x 1551
Main Street at night. Tomorrowland's entrance.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1686
Mom and I on the teacups. The Winnie the Pooh ride, which replaced Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We skipped this one.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Fantasyland The Haunted Mansion. I prefer the MK's version over DL's.

2400 x 1800

2400 x 1800
Big Thunder Mountain RR, back after a refurbishment. It looked and ran as good as ever. More Thunder Mtn.

2400 x 1590

2400 x 1800
The MK Railroad leaves Mickey's Toontown Fair station. Main Street, USA.

2400 x 1800
The entrance to the park.  

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