Walt Disney World
September 13-18, 1997

Some notes before you begin:
  • I went back to WDW in January 1999! Check our my photos!

  • There are two main characters in this story: Myself (Jeff Keller) and my dad (Ron). I'm taking the pictures and writing the story. Dad's in two or three pictures.. I'm in none, sorry.. The camera used is an Olympus D-300L, which I highly recommend.

  • These pages are extremely graphically intensive and are not for those with real slow connections. I have done my best to keep the sizes down by using thumbnails-- but the thumbnails are larger than normal. Expect it to take 30-45 seconds to load each page on a 28.8 connection. But please be patient-- I think you'll find it worth it!

  • You may click on any thumbnail to see an even larger version-- some as large as 1024x768! They make great desktop backgrounds!

  • All of these pictures are my property! You may not use them for any purpose other than personal entertainment-- they may not be posted on any other web site or reproduced in any other form without Jeff's permission!

Now, let's begin!