Yosemite National Park - January 13, 2004

You know it's off-season when you only see 20 other people out on the trails all day! It was full-on winter in the park, with snow and ice everywhere. It made getting around a little difficult, but it was worth it.

All the photos were taken the the Olympus E-1 with a 14-55mm lens.

All photos have been downsized and sharpened (unsharp mask). A few had their color or levels adjusted (I'll note those below).

Yosemite Falls reflected in the river

Yosemite Falls

Hmm, what is this again?

Dunno why I took this... I just love the rugged beauty of those sheer granite walls.

Inside the amazing dining room at the Ahwanee. (Levels adjusted)

There was fresh snow all over the park. (Color adjusted)

Frozen river, majestic mountains

A closer view of Half Dome

No, this isn't upside down. This is a reflection of Half Dome in one of the few non-frozen parts of Mirror Lake.

I always like taking shots ilke this. (Color adjusted)

This was the highlight of the day. We actually saw two coyotes, and this particular one walked RIGHT next to us. I was more afraid of him than he was of me. I took a lot of blury pictures of him... should've set up my tripod.
(Levels adjusted)

That's all, folks!


Photos 2004 Jeff Keller.
Photos are for personal use only.