Yosemite National Park - March 9, 2005

Few places are more amazing that Yosemite, and it's even better on a weekday in the off season when nobody is there!

Enjoy these pictures taken with my Canon EOS-D60 on its "farewell tour". All photos were taken in RAW mode and many were manipulated in some way in Photoshop to make them look a little nicer.

Photos are shown in the order in which they were taken.

Waterfall on the drive into the park

Traditional postcard view from the tunnel entrance

Lots of airplanes in my photos today for some reason

Yosemite Falls

More Yosemite Falls

Yes, you guessed it...

It's Yosemite Falls again!

This was a really tough shot. There's algae in the water giving it a spooky green color.

Get ready, here come all the Half Dome pictures

Here's another

Okay, time to grab something to drink from the Ahwahnee Hotel

Nice reflection here at Mirror Lake

Two more nice reflections

Okay we're back to Half Dome again

Half Dome AND airplanes here

Looking up at some very tall trees

The sun is starting to go down, so the light is changing

Closer to sunset...

I can't remember what this rock is called

The gallery ends with El Capitan and the last light of the day

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!



Photos 2005 Jeff Keller.
Photos are for personal use only.